December 19th, 2003


Need to get through the next week without commiting homicide

I am still in a really bad mood, despite the fact that it was BEAUTIFUL outside when I finally left the house. I decided to take the car to work so I could leave early and actually run some errands while places are open (this also let me get some extra sleep, which I have been short of all week). Mt. Rainier was looking positively godlike on the drive in, with a halo of purple and gold clouds around it and a mantle of purple and grey in the sky. I wished I'd had the camera with me so I could have taken a picture of it.

Otherwise I'm in an excessively bad mood and don't feel like writing other than for the academic exercise of it. I need to get a copy of the new Tablet newspaper to see my latest article (it's not online yet, unfortunately). And I wish I could just cancel the party and the houseguests for the weekend. I don't want to talk to anyone, I just want to slam the door of my bedroom shut and sulk for the next three days.
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    "Moongather" - Jo Clayton
Sea dragon

It is to laugh

I am hard up for some humor today, but fortunately cruising sallysimpleton's friends list took me to hipstomp. His description of travelling in Montreal is hysterical. Now, I will build on my laughing by spending some time reading the Bush administration's justifications for ending all of the civil protections of the Constitution by calling people "enemy combatants," and then claiming that by invading other countries we are somehow spreading democracy ... Gulag style.

How come LJ emotions don't include "bitter" and "furious?" I'm feeling limited in my ability to express my ironic detachment from the world without a bouncing icon to encapsulate the sensation.
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