December 21st, 2003

Sea dragon

Mix and mingle with the jingling beat

The Winterbrew party was an unqualified success (given that the success of the homebrew brought to the party did not impact the success of the party itself - the homebrew being a nasal twanging failure). I didn't have that much to drink, except for the two sloe gin fizzes, the Vanilla Vodka Seven, the double shot of Cazadores, and some hard cider. Sadly, the pizza we ordered just before the party dug into my ability to ravage the tasty cheeses I had laid out, but my fully bellah was ready for the beverages it had to catch. The cheeses seemed to find homes on their own without my help, anyway.

All the groups were mixing and mingling in the most frabulous way. My two work friends (one with spouse) were mixing tornados, Spouse (aka Belgian Beer Snob) clicking with Elysian Goa (aka I Brew My Own), and Boy Coworker basically chatting with every single damn person in the whole party. Friends O' Mine (Stef, Dug) chatted with Friends of my Brother (the Libertarians) and Theater Folks. Coworkers o' my Husband chatted with My Blogger Pals (like sallysimpleton), and on and on. Nobody was throwing attitude and everyone was being chatty. What got into these folks? Seattle people are supposed to be snobby!

We got a good game of Puerto Rico going around ten (that I couldn't join because scarlettina had just shown up), and people hung and chatted and Yadda Yadda until about 1 AM, when like a miracle the last six people all left at the same time. This was also a relief as I just wanted to lay on the couch and butter up some crackers with the tasty triple creme brie (narf). I guess my only regret is that I didn't really get to chat with motomotoyama, who was looking so hot I'm sure she was singlehandedly responsible for the mid-eighties temperature in the room. shadowdaddy is probably regretting right now that he can't get the caps back on the beers that weren't finished. Seems a shame to throw out so much Pilsner Urquell.

The winner tonight? Anderson Valley Brewing Solstice ale. Well, of course, the real winner is us, because even with all of the empties and the part-lies we've got enough beer for the next two months. Maybe we'll have another party next weekend and work our way through this cache.
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Sea dragon

Post party slowdown

Late day today - up at 11:30, breakfast (shadowdaddy's waffles) at noon. Went to I Heart Rummage at the Crocodile Cafe to see about prezzies and of course I found millions of things for me (the fact I haven't yet been given a two headed dolly seemed proof to me that I was unloved, or that no one I know shops in really cool places), but I was good and only bought stuff for others.


I'm sorry, what was I talking about? We just stopped off at the house for a minute on our way from the Henry (where we saw the karaoke pod exhibit) before we go to scarlettina's party ... I think I'm still pretty beat.
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