December 23rd, 2003

Sea dragon

Yule be Seeing Me

There's more coming to this post but I just wanted to add this first:

My LiveJournal 12 Days
My True Love gave to me...
12 ciphergoths a-squatting.
11 dagmar_bs a-milking.
10 inthismoments a-sleeping.
9 motomotoyamas a-raving.
8 sallysimpletons a-munching.
7 scarlettinas a-hugging.
6 sallysimpletons a-dancing.
5 light yellow satan_dot_coms.
4 squeaking shadowdaddys.
3 Canadian skarrins.
2 iguana tombkings.
And a vampgyrl in a guava tree.
Get gifts! Username:
Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.
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Sea dragon

Rather than break up the list

I'm pretty excited that per the 12 days of Christmas meme I am getting 12 ciphergoth's for Christmas. I've got plans for all of them. One will program hard core geek stuff, one will get to work on fun computer projects, one will go out to the Mercury with me, one will go to other bars on his own, one will exclusively maintain the other eleven, and ... I'm sure I'll figure out something for the rest of them, but I'm not going to say my ideas here.

I'm somewhat embarassed by my reaction to seeing Elf last night. Collapse )

After the movie we went to Half Price Books, allegedly in search of Japanese language books. I found bits and pieces that would add together to teaching yourself Japanese, but the one title they had prominently displayed was, I was sure, the one that had been mercilessly mocked on Amazon as plain old bad. So we picked up some naughty art books and took them with us to the Mandarin gate, where we saw more people than I feel like typing right now. I got in two songs, a Christmas song I'm trying to block out of my memory and "Only the Lonely" by the Motels, an unqualified success and only made better by the wig and gloves I donned. I was accused of being a ham, which I denied, but the circle of pinapple on my head gave me away again.

Happily there's still little to do at work. People were hitting the pool table already when I cruised in at 9:40 (thanks for the car, shadowdaddy, and the extra half hour of sleep!). I'm going to try to set my hand at some dull paperworky task for today (a test plan), but basically I'm planning on getting me some lunch with my coworkers and calling it Done for today.
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Sea dragon

Full, bored, ready to call it a holly-day

2 PM: back at work, the pool table is still in full use. Perhaps today is the day I should break in the MAME machine. Our trip to the BBQ hut was somewhat less than satisfying, given that it is now a different restaurant that still serves halal meat only in a very boring fashion. So we succeeded in killing two hours, but I'm now somewhat wishing that I had just stayed here and worked on writing my test plan. Oh well. I'm hoping now to leave by 3 PM.
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Sea dragon

Pretty skies of Seattle

This is the view I get on my way into work this time of the year ... if the clouds are up. Pretty, huh? Well, it is kind of gray, but you take what you can get, and I like it when I can see the mountain.

I'm not gone yet but I will be soon. I'm thinking tonight we might go to Gasworks to see the Christmas boats. I'm also contemplating looking at the lights at the Bellevue Botanical Gardens, which is both close and free. Hmm. Of course, we could always rent the DVD of Neverwhere from Scarecrow ... that would put me in the Christmas spirit (thanks to the "parallel universe" theme).
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Sea dragon

I wish someone would give me a nice plate of Christmas cookies.

Yep, did nothing tonight. Came home and napped then couldn't even get motivated to go out to eat. Cooked spaghetti at home (did not add maple syrup per Elf). Flipped through new book on Diane Arbus I picked up last night. Too tired to rent movie, too tired even to play Carcasonne. Tired, tired, tired. Tired and lazy. Yep.

Will interview Allena of the SPCC over tea tomorrow in the last AM (I had forgotten about the story I have due on Friday) then get a few last presents, then possibly have dinner with sallysimpleton at Chevy's in Lynnwood.
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