December 24th, 2003

Sea dragon

The three miracles of Christmas

1. Going to the Fred Meyers and finding the present we wanted was sold out. Then, while waiting in line at the customer service desk, having the guy who got in line behind us be there returning the exact thing we wanted. "We accidentally bought two."
2. While wondering what in the world we were going to do about parking at Hoki's Teriyaki Hut, someone came out and moved their car.
3. Going to the Washington State Liquor Store on Broadway and discovering the tequila I wanted was on sale.

Of course, now we're all out of miracles, and we have come home to discover we have no plans for Christmas Eve - most importantly, no dinner plans - and I somehow neglected to anticipate that this might happen. For all that I'm an atheist, I would have rather enjoyed a nice meal tonight, preferably some good company. And all the grocery stores are closed now ... which is extra sad since we could have easily picked up anything we wanted earlier tonight.

Poop. No wonder I'm looking forward to the Rudolph drinking party more than I am tonight, or for that matter tomorrow.
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Sea dragon

Wiggy eve (Why "I'll be home for Christmas" isn't a happy sentiment)

I'm having one of those weird emotional bluesy things that are my incentive for trying to be BUSY BUSY BUSY and around people most of the time. I can't remember feeling so weepy on Christmas eve since Collapse )

A lot of this I do really blame on the Christmas Grinch of last week, who made me see this whole event as Just a Lot of Work. Today shadowdaddy is trying to cheer me up, very nicely letting me pick the movie at Scarecrow (Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere, the BBC TV series, very low production values, questionable acting), fetching me drinks, making cookie dough. I was hoping I'd cheer up making "Our New Tradition, the Christmas Eve Fritata" (the only thing I could come up with given the ingredients I had to work with), but it was an incredible failure - just sloppy cheese sauce on a bunch of sauteed vegetables - and it made me feel worse. The idea of doing Shrinky Dink ornaments became pretty pathetic then.

I just don't know what's going on with me tonight. I just don't. I have no joy in anything.
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