December 29th, 2003


After Christmas, the ... desert

Instant Messenger says not one of my coworkers is in today. What then am I doing here? Am I going to spend the whole day going through my inbox, deleting old messages ... possibly going to far as to empty my Yahoo inbox? Good God. If only I had the car I could meet my brother for lunch ... I know I'll have the time.

In other news, I won a contest from Scarecrow which I entered for the heck of it while checking on the availability of Neverwhere in their rentals department.

Oh, look, according to an email I just got site stability is pure crap today. Looks like I'll have some work to do after all.
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All the world is holding its breath

It's not good to go out for lunch with a friend you do not work with and have them ask what's wrong with the code on your company's website. Heh, heh, oops! That probably means I shouldn't be leaving the building at all today. But we've already ordered our food so I guess I just won't worry about it ...

... but how to kill the rest of the day now that I'm back? I'm not really involved in the fix for whatever's wrong. (To quote the guy at the meeting this AM: "I propose we say we have a problem and we don't know where it's coming from." Pure genius, I tell you.)

I got thank you emails from my aunt and my sister today. I still don't know why none of them tried calling me on Christmas day or Christmas eve, and I can't figure out if there's some kind of family schism thing going on between them either. At least my presents made it through. I guess that means that I can disappear from the radar of about the whole family now for the next 11 1/2 months. (Grump.)

Tonight we're supposed to go see the Triplets of Belleville at the Egyptian. I'm a bit under the gun to make my 52 movies for the year since, it turns out, the Grand Illusion did not get their copy of Sunset in time for the weekend's showings and we were unable to watch a movie last night. But if I see Triplets tonight and LOTK3 tomorrow, I'll just hit 52. Whew!
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Sea dragon

Oh to be young and rich - whatever, just give me rich

We had what I would call a nearly perfect evening. We started at Hot Mama's for slices, went to the Comet for pints (since my favorite bartender wasn't there to get his Christmas present, I spent it and a little more on a zippered hooded sweatshirt with the logo of "my bar" on it), then went to see the Triplets of Belleville at the Egyptian. All this, and we were home at 9 and the dogs were already walked. Yay! Too bad I'm so strung out from not getting enough sleep last night.

I was thinking of making my second New Year's resolution be "write a 400 word story every month." I think it's a doable size, but it seems kind of heavy to do it as a resolution. Right now I think I'd be happy if I could just get one story done, from beginning to end. I don't think I've ever actually done that before.