December 31st, 2003

Sea dragon

'I'm Mister White Christmas, I'm Mister Snow ... I'm Mister Icicle ... I'm Mister Ten-Below ..."

Yep, rice crispies and then goosedown falling from the skies this morning. The radio said "Police advise people to stay off the streets unless absolutely necessary" when it went off this AM and we went back to sleep for another two hours. It's really very little snow, but Seattle's eight snowplows aren't able to handle it, so I'm still at home and not planning on going anywhere until it's time to head out for ROTK (we've got at least one extra ticket ... let me know if you want to come with us WHOEVER YOU ARE!). Technically I'm "working from home," and the sad thing is I'll probably get just a little more work done from here than I did "working from work" the last two days. Alas, if I only had a good box at home I could actually accomplish something, but the hamster that powers the one I have can only run so fast.

My plan is to head over to the Cinerama around 1:30 or 2 ... I certainly have no plans to spend an hour standing in the snow to make sure we have good seats but I am looking forward to my walk through Snowy Seattle. Right now, I think a bowl of cereal would go over really well. MMM mmm!
Sea dragon

Off to see the wizards - battle it out on the screen

Good news: no one is coming over here for New Year's eve, so I don't need to clean.
Bad news: I wasn't able to get a new pair of gloves during the post-holiday sale(s) I went to. And it's, what, 36° out per the Seattle Times' website? Brrrrrrr. But I'm still really looking forward to my walk to the Cinerama. I'll get to see a lot of the pretty part of Seattle on foot.
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