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Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Boxing day

Me: Are you hibernating?
Mary: I fell asleep.
Me: I know.
Mary: I was going to wash my sheets, and then I thought I'd lay down for just a minute. Then you asked me if I was hibernating.
Me: It's after two.
Mary: Is that alright?
Me: Yeah, I saw you were sleeping, then I realized I could read a book. So I took a shower and read and then decided my hair would dry best if it were under a duvet. So I took a nap, too.
Mary: You could have put it in my standing drying closet.
Me: My hair?
Mary: Yeah.
Us: *laugh*
Me: Anyway, I enjoyed my nap.
Mary: You still want to do stuff today?
Me: We should get eggs. But we should skip going to Corinth until tomorrow, so we can see the Civil War Interpretive Center properly.
Mary: I really want to do that, we only got about ten minutes last time.
Me: I thought maybe we could hunt down some Mexican food in the wild.
Mary: There's Mexican food in Booneville.
Me: That's pretty wild to me. I'm going to make myself some tea and work on my book some more.
Mary: Okay!
Tags: christmas, mary katherine spencer

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