February 4th, 2004

Sea dragon

Biorythms are off today and I smell like liniment

Was left car t his morning so I could get to work on time for 9 AM meeting. Could not find keys ANYWHERE. Got ride from neighbor, got to work 30 minutes late for meeting.

Just now found keys. In my bag, in the spot where they ALWAYS belong so I don't lose them. How is it that I dumped the bag on the floor and they didn't show up then? Is this a cruel trick?

And here I thought yesterday was a "low" day ...
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One little tester crying in the rain

Monday, no testing, no build.
Tuesday: build shows up WAY EARLY, but isn't usable until 1 PM
Today: some kind of battle between the build team and ??? emerges in which test is the loser and we aren't told about it. I lose my environment in the middle of actually accomplishing some f'ing work.
Tomorrow: maybe we'll have a build.
Friday: as a part of the losing battle, we will have our environment taken away from us again in the afternoon. Deadlines are not changing, just the amount of time we have to get things done.

I am so frustrated. Time to pass around the horse liniment to everyone.
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