February 6th, 2004

Sea dragon

Strangely worn out week

Disappointingly enough I was at work until 7 PM last night working on a test plan for the hunormous project I've been charged with QAing for our next major release (in May). Wednesday I felt like I'd finally wrapped my head all around the aspects of what needs to be tested; yesterday (after spending all day combing through the spec as if I were looking for nits and getting emails and phone calls from some of the other five teams working on this project - I am the nominal coordinator, joy) I felt like a complete ignoramus with no grasp of what the F**k goes on at this company and no clue how our amazingly disorganized (organically grown with cancerous nodes) code works. Now that's a good feeling.

So instead of going to see a movie (more time sitting and staring, bah!) or going to insearchofangst's b-day gathering at Goldies (might have required talking to people) or checking out the flower show (it was too late, dammit), I went home, picked up shadowdaddy and, as chance had it, Shadow, went to Capitol Hill, parked the car behind the pet food store (where we filled up on dog snax), then walked downtown to the library and back. Ooh boy. I was excited about getting a little walk, though. Then we went home and THAT WAS IT for the night. I sat on the couch and read and made "mom's little quickie dinner" (a bean and cheese crisp) and considered the evening a rousing success.

Tonight I'll try to crank up my energy level - the official insearchofangst birthday party ("Hippo Birdie") is tonight, complete with motomotoyama's karaoke action. Beforehand I'm going to see Anonymous 4 perform their "American Angels" repertory with Cathy and shadowdaddy - which will keep me pretty busy, given that I'm helping to set up and host the reception. Tomorrow in conjunction with my brother's birthday, it's Asylum Street Spankers, an incredibly funny as well as talented band. I'm sure I'll have fun but right now I just feel tired ... still. I hope I can leave early today.
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End of a long day at work

I haven't figured out if the light-headedness I've been experiencing this week is me fighting off a cold or something else. Someone suggested it was work related stress. My temperature was 99 last night, microscopically up, possibly indicating incipient gaak. I hope that going home and taking a nap will give me everything I need to make it through the weekend - or at least tonight.
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