February 9th, 2004

Sea dragon

Cramming in Puerto Rico report while server is up

Got in two games of Puerto Rico last night, the first against Nina, Cathy, and Worthy Opponent (won by me, I think, but only a point difference between me and Nina one way or another), then Ken and Julian jumped in while Nina jumped out and Worthy Opponent won while playing two games at the same time (he lost the other). Score was a tight 53 him, 52 me, other scores close except for Julian who wasn't believing any of the advice he read on BoardGameGeek.com. Our hostess Pam made a delightful beef stew. It was a good evening.

Supposedly the environment I'm testing against is going to be going down soon so I'm going to try to race to pick "low hanging fruit" (good bugs) while it's operational - tomorrow we're having a "bug bash" and I want to find everything I can before then - since the total number of "actionable" bugs I find is used to calculate my success in my job during my review. Eek!
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Sea dragon

1984 - Orwell was only off by two decades

I can't say this of any of my friends but I swear there are many Americans who parrot those in the Bush camp who have said that people who think the Patriot Act might be used "against Americans practicing their civil freedoms" are paranoid.

Tom Tomorrow, modrnwrld_blog, finally gave me the solid proof I needed to back up my suspicions yesterday. I can see the story in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer in the wire feeds, but it didn't show up as a regular news item in the stupid Sunday (Seattle) Times, which goes to bed at about 11 on Saturday nights. It has zero coverage in the New York Times. Apparently the Feds' return to McCarthy-era crackdowns, sheltered by the rules tossed in the Patriot Act that forbid people from discussing when they are under investigation by the Feds, was done under the cover of Sunday night secrecy that the Bush administration has used very successfully to keep items out of the news.

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Goddammit everyone, can we PLEASE raise a stink about this? I wrote a letter to the editor of the Seattle P-I - what else can we do? This must have the light of day shining on it! HELP HELP HELP! What can we do to raise the profile of this historic attack on our civil liberties??? Ideas, please!
Sea dragon

Maybe I should be working on my test plan instead of surfing about games

I'm still hot on the idea of getting an all-Seattle Puerto Rico tournament going - but I'm not sure where to hold it. Town Hall would be good, ConWorks would be better, a restaurant in Chinatown (where they could bring food by our tables all day) would be best. Of course, free is a must.

Maybe I'll get an LJ community up today so all of the Seattle Puerto Rico geeks can start hooking up. Five at a time is the way to go!

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