February 10th, 2004

Sea dragon

Beat again last night - maybe I'm not getting outside enough during the day

I skipped the new employee party at the beers and burgers place in Redmond and opted instead to stay late at work, picking "low hanging fruit" before my coworkers swarm over my project this afternoon and make me look like a fool for missing so many obvious mistakes. Once home, I convinced shadowdaddy to take me to the library, where I picked up two books by Iain Banks (but not the final book in Kage Barker's Mendoza series, damn it) and a book of sheet music for hits of the eighties that will have me well situated for performing at Howard Bulson's piano this Saturday. Afterwards we went to the Old Szechuan restuarant and had Dan Dan noodles and Hunan beef. The proprietor was so sweet to me, asking (in Chinese), "Where have you been! You have been working too hard. Take it easy and we'll make you dinner." Afterwards it was studying Japanese and reading The Years of Rice and Salt. Woo woo, work night.

This morning we've got freezing fog and an accident that got me into work 20 minutes later than usual, but thanks to Elliot I didn't notice how long the ride was. Now I'm afraid I must buckle down and dig, dig, dig for bugs ... kind of like an anteater. I should focus on my metaphor of being a cowgirl ... it's much less demeaning. In that vein ...

It's roundup time! YEEEEE HAAAAAW! (disappearing into the dust ...)
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    "The Years of Rice and Salt"
Sea dragon

Trying to improve health at work

Took advantage of the good weather to go for a walk with coworkers Ying and Chris. Sure, it's only the community college campus but it's nice to get out and charge up the vitamin D receptors. When I returned some muckity-mucks had left the remnants of their catered lunch in the "living room" near my office, and for the second day in a row I'm nibbling on (slurp!) fresh pinapple and orange slices while I sit at my desk. Now all I need to do is find all the remaining bugs on this project in the next two hours and I'm set for the day.
Sea dragon

New York Times covering Bush administration attempt to silence dissent

Thank goodness, the New York Times does have an article on the Bush administration's dastardly attempt to silence war protesters in Iowa (only three days after the story broke), and it's the most emailed story today. That gives me hope that national outrage is being stirred. My brother said he emailed our congressman and senators about this - it should probably be my next step.
Sea dragon

Fifth week of Japanese class

Every night our Japanese teacher has us say, "Japanese is easy!" I think it's kind of a private joke for her, with the punchline "... if you speak Japanese." As near as I can tell we were all struggling tonight as she raced from one concept to another. By the time we got to the new dialogues I was way past my point of comprehension.

The bug bash this afternoon went pretty well - four of my colleagues found only a total of two new bugs on my product, so it looks like I'm closed to done with it. At least nothing stunningly stupid showed up - my honor in the team is preserved!