February 16th, 2004

Sea dragon

QA Fortune cookies

I was reminded today (it's New Build Day) that I want to make QA fortune cookies. Inside, the fortunes will read:

The Build will be Late.
The Build will be Broken.
The Spec will be Incomplete.
You Will Be Asked to Work Late.
Things Will Go Wrong Unexpectedly on Prop Night.
There Will Be Bugs in the Code.
The Bug Will Not Reproduce When the Developer Is Watching You.

The good fortunes will say:

You will find the Top Bug.
The Developer will Answer your Question.
The Prop will be Postponed.

Lunch with shadowdaddy at Noodle Boat was good, although slow. I was glad to finally get to introduce him to my coworkers, especially Faheem, my officemate, but I had a hard time convincing him that "some people have to work today" when we walked into Devon's office and found Ken and him playing darts. Devon and Chris both say they recognized him "from that picture of you in the dress," which completely cracked me up. Chris bounced back quickly by referring to shadowdaddy's amazing "Two Games at Once" stunt from last weekend, which decidedly pleased shadowdaddy. I think he'd get along with my crew pretty well if he spent more time with them. After he left Faheem and I went to town talking about how proper adherence to the Koran fit in to hankinbaghdad's description of keeping your wife as essentially a prisoner being one Iraqi's description of a good marriage. Faheem said the Iraqi in question had his head up his ass. I look forward to providing hankinbaghdad with proper scriptural references to refute his boorish colleague's assertions.