February 18th, 2004

Sea dragon

looking to get a little more "meet" in my diet

Still feeling the effects of post-weekend excesses - in the writing department. I think I may focus a little more on getting some real writing done - on that short story I started in January.

Work is feeling very high pressure as we get closer to the date my final test plan is due for the Humongous Project I'm working on. I actually gave the intra-team coordination duties away to a more experienced tester yesterday ... not so good for helping me move up the career ladder here but the right thing to do for the project, I think.

I miss being the wampeter of my karass. I miss the karass! Perhaps I will go to the opengamenight meetup tonight and get some meet time in.
Sea dragon

Attempting to kick the habit for a few days

Collapse ) I'm feeling just a little sweaty and like I really REALLY need to work like a MoFo for the next few days. This despite the fact that spikeylady was kind enough to add me to her friends list and COMPLETELY distracted me with all of her friends only posts. Oh my, so very not work safe.

Anyway, before I disappear into my headphones and Otto's Baroque Musick, I wanted to say that we're hoping to go see 1984 at the Empty Space Theater this Friday. Let me know if you're interested!
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