February 20th, 2004

Sea dragon

Friday, stressful Friday

Up early, into work early, trying to get through my test plan, occasionally having fantasies about walking off the job.

Got in a game of Puerto Rico last night with Cathy and shadowdaddy after the three of us and Elliot had dinner at Mesob (we went back to our house because we had free tequila there). Finished early (stunningly trounced by Cathy), then wrapped up with some Euchre.

Looks like "1984" tonight (with djcynic! - and shouldn't they just call it "2004?"), snowshoeing tomorrow, and (likely, due to Wednesday court testimony cutting into my schedule) work on Sunday. Boo.
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Sea dragon

Little bad (show sold out), big good

So 1984 is sold out tonight. We'll go catch the Sunday evening show, for full price. Tonight we'll see the Open Circle Theater show, "Dark Ride" - come one, come all, only $12.

In other news... the lawyer from the city called to tell me that the case won't be going forward next week, although he didn't yet know if it was just going to be postponed or if "Ms Porter was going to take responsibility for her actions." My fingers are crossed that it's the latter and that I just won't have to deal with this hassle any more. I'm trying to get through to the Witness Coordination Line, but I've got to say, the architecture of the Seattle City Court's web site leaves a lot to be desired.
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