February 22nd, 2004

Sea dragon

Seattle Cosmic rocks

We went to a Seattle Cosmic meet-up tonight and had a really great time. It was like finding a safe little place where you can get together and smoke crack and know that the cops are never going to bust you no matter how high you get, except we were playing strategy games. We got in three games between 7:30 and midnight, including one with the infamous "Alex" of Board Game Geek (he who wrote the "best opening strategies" article - a world-ranked Puerto Rico player). I'll write more about in on the seattle_rico site (for those who care), but basically, it was a very good evening and I'll be encouraging my friends to go to Yahoo and get on the list.

Actually, I've got to say that it was very funny that everyone noticed that we were new, but those who asked asked shadowdaddy how he'd heard about the group ... as if a female wouldn't actually be the driving partner in this enterprise. Oh, and there was a guy there who has studied Gaelic and he actually knew what my name meant (as well as the difference between Irish Gaelic and Manx Gaelic). It was exciting for me!

Tomorrow I'm going to work for a few hours (in preparation for the big presentation I'm doing Wednesday), then (finally) going to see "1984." It's apparently sold out, so I'm not sure if I'll actually get to go with djcynic or not - hope she got her tickets already!
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Sea dragon

Am I responsible? Working on Sunday

As I drove across the bridge at noon, the DJ said that it was the most beautiful day of the year so far. Mount Ranier was a hovering hulk of blue and silver on the horizon, the Cascades and Mount Adams made the whole panorama look like some kind of ridiculous postcard. So why am I at work right now? I'm sitting in a fluorescent-lit office apparently for the sole purpose of surfing LJ (that will change soon, I'm sure). All I want to do today is poke around in my back yard and pull out recalcitrant little weeds all afternoon, while the soil is still nice and damp from all the rain we've been getting and the poor little weeds can't get a good grip.

My very first daffodil of the year bloomed yesterday, and I discovered a little nest of crocuses tucked into the grass under the apple tree. They're the white and purple striped kind, and they looked just like tiny Easter eggs! Ah, glorious spring ... I hope the rain rolls in soon so that spending the next two months locked into my office will seem like it's not such a loss.
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Big project on Wednesday - LJ break until then

I'm taking a three day LJ sabbatical. I'm sure this will impact me more than anyone else (I don't exactly have legions of fans), and the way it will impact me is Keeping Me Focused on Work. I have a big project due Wednesday that I'm pretty stressed about right now.

Meanwhile, if your name starts with C, I, or R, I'd love to schedule some "real" time with you. When might you be available? I'm not available Thursday night unless you want to see "The Time of Your Life" with us at the Rep, but Wednesday is an option and Friday is too.