February 24th, 2004

Sea dragon

Brief trial update - the last, ever, I hope

I just called the City Attorney's office. The case against the woman who jumped me in the park near my house has been "disposed with continuance." What I was told was that she has to not get into any trouble for the next year (including no contact with me - I've already had enough contact from her to last a lifetime, so yay), and then they would "dispose" of it. If she screws up, it's as if she has already admitted guilt, although I'm not sure if there would be a trial or not. I'm guessing with that baby she's packing she's probably going to not be getting up to much. I wish she'd just move away altogether, though, and I'd never have to see her again. She's one crazy bitch.

OK, back to work. I'm so stressed out I feel like my back muscles are going to blow out of the skin between my shoulderblades. 12 hours yesterday, 12 hours today ... I can do it! No matter that another tester told me that it's enough work for two and I really should be worried - it's far too late for his little picker-upper to change the work allocatin. Oh, and I've come up with the clever idea of getting caramels for my test plan review tomorrow (the cause of all my stress) so that people are discouraged from speaking up ... or at least discouraged from talking too frequently.
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