February 25th, 2004

Sea dragon

Thank god THAT'S over

According to my boss, I'm experiencing "TAR-gasm" - which is as near I can tell a state of ecstatic relief after my big presentation (a "TAR" - Test Area Review). shadowdaddy and I are already back from from Tango Tapas lounge, where I bored him near to tears with the excessive details of my presentation ("And then someone asked me if I was testing the cross-sell module!"). Now I'm pleasantly buzzed and full enough to skip dinner and have a copy of Steinbeck's Log of the Sea of Cortez that just happened to be waiting for me in the library when we stopped in on our way back to the car. Aaaaaahhh. I just want to lay around and read tonight ... and have harems of handsome slave boys massage my tightened-to-the-popping-stage back. Instead, I'll take the dog for a walk.

Tomorrow: everything you ever wanted to know about Empty Space's production of 1984.