February 29th, 2004

Sea dragon

Spring is here, proof positive

On Tuesday of this week, I noticed that the plum tree in the backyard was blooming. It was at my favorite stage, where it's almost all buds with just a few flowers open. Then Friday, before I went into work (two hours late), I noticed that the mock quince in the side yard is blooming as well as our neighbors' forsythia. Today my pink hyacinths are blooming and the first of the species tulips in the rock wall have all but popped. Spring is definitely here. Happy Leap Spring! In honor of this holiday, I will spend my afternoon at home working on the yard instead of going to the Medieval Women's Choir concert. I really need some time to be at home - especially since I'm meeting sallysimpleton for brunch (the first time I will have seen any of my girlfriends in over a month) at noon. However, this meal will be going in on top of the chocolate chip pancakes (several days too late for pancake day, a British holiday I could find worth my while to celebrate) and bacon I made for myself and shadowdaddy this morning - I hope I can find room. The walk over to Broadway should help, I'm hoping.

Tonight is Cort's annual Oscar party - my chance to dish on bad fashion with a bunch of fun guys and see if the leatherboys are taking applicants for housemaid. RRRowr! I've been looking forward to it for a month, even though I'm wholly indifferent about the movies this year and wouldn't even watch the ceremony if I were staying at home by myself.

Last night all of my questions about where the good Mexican food in Seattle is were finally answered: it's hiding in Ballard. La Carta de Oaxaca is exactly the restaurant I've been hoping for since I originally moved here - cheap and tasty, with margaritas containing about four shots of tequila each. I was a little disturbed by the documentary photos of a goat being slaughtered that were hanging in a bar (mmm, jet of blood coming out of its neck), which I had far too much time to admire during the half hour we waited for a table. Even in black and white, it was grotesque and put me off my monkey chow, but I didn't convert to a meat-free diet before the waiter took our order and lived to rejoice in my carnivorous lifestyle.

Oops, time is flying and I need to get trotting for my brunch date - I'm carless as shadowdaddy is at a rehearsal (for a dance production) way up in Montlake Terrace. Signing off ...
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