April 1st, 2004

Sea dragon

I am the king of the echo people!

Why do the US "authorities" keep saying that Iraqis that are trying to kill Americans in Iraq are some kind of holdouts from the old regime? Does the idea of "resistance to occupation" just not occur to them? With the kind of ignorant quotes I was hearing on NPR ("Yeah, we're winning, things are improving, and these people love us!") this week, I'm expecting some Republican idiot to spout some line about,"Why can't they be happy just having showers in their houses? This is a country that needs to conserve water - what sense does it organize a political party to fight for the right to take a bath?" (Actually, that's probably what Bush is saying to Rummy before he gets sent to bed with his binkie and a glass of warm milk.)

I made it to the Grand Illusion's grand reopening tonight. I'd missed the theater while it was closed - it might be the reason why my movie watching this year has lagged so far behind last. I'm not sure if I went because I was really interested in seeing the reopening feature ("Rubin and Ed") or if maybe I was just unable to resist the call of a $1 price for movie and all concession items - or if I just wanted to be there. With a nice hot gyro in my hand (from Sahara, of course), it was just like old times, and the movie was a hoot.