April 7th, 2004

Sea dragon

Mini political rant

While the servers are down.

This quote yesterday made me laugh over my cup of tea. (Not guaranteed exact as I haven't seen it reproduced in print yet.) UPDATE: Got it now, thanks to Tom Tomorrow!

George Bush: "These people hate freedom. And we love freedom."

Snicker. Citizens of a country that want to chase an occupying power out are not freedom loving? Would Bush get it if the Iraqis invaded a supply ship at night and dumped crates of tea into the water, while a man raced through the streets of Falluja on camelback shouting, "The Americans are Coming!" ?
Sea dragon

Eternal Sunshine and Goldtipped Yunnan

Watashi wa ocha-no otaku desu. Collapse ) I was definitely brought face to face with my own (likely) lack of impulse control tonight.

Now I have to do my writeup of the freaky-assed Judith Schaechter exhibit at the Museum of Glass. It will be my first article in Tablet since they went monthly. I miss writing, but I'm having a hard time getting published now that they're printing half as much as they used to.