April 14th, 2004

Sea dragon

Picking off cheerleaders one by one

Yesterday was my six month anniversary at work. Wow! I can't remember the last time I held a job this long. I've been knocking down bad job milestones for a while here ... shortest time before I quit (one month), shortest time before layoff (7 weeks) being prime examples ... and now I can look at more substantial milestones, like longest time before layoff (9 months), longest time before the honeymoon ended (I think that's been around four to six months), longest tech job I've held (14 months), longest job I've ever held (two years). I'm hoping that I'll keep enjoying working here and continue to enjoy my coworkers as much as I do now ... we're in the middle of a Bataan death march right now, so if I still feel this way in June I'll be sitting pretty. (Actually, I had a meeting today in which I described how I felt about the project right now as "like being dragged behind a horse through the muddy streets of Medieval France," but I know I've survived worse before, and I do have hopes that this one will settle down soon.)

Of course, now I get to take advantage of all my travel goodies ... $299 trip to New Zealand, here I come!
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