April 18th, 2004

Sea dragon

Masala dosa > Saturday afternoon funk

Decided to meet my blue mood head on after I left work this afternoon (yes, on Saturday) and called my brother and sister in law to see if they wanted to hang out with me and shadowdaddy. They had eaten but had no problems with tagging along for some Indian food. The waiters at Udupi Palace all recognized me (which I found gratifying), and an order of chat (like mini-tostadas, but with tamarind sauce and dried coconut instead of hot sauce and cheese), tomato dosa, green onion utthapam, and one Super Thali Combo later, I was feeling more chipper. Afterwards we headed to Casa irrationalrobot and broke in my copy of Attika, which Maurie won (I'm afraid we were napping). It was low key but a good evening for me - the only thing missing was my dog.
Sea dragon

The J and T comedy team

Actual conversation today.

Walking past a newsstand ...

Him: Do you think the articles in Attention Deficit Disorder magazine are all really short?

Me: I'm not sure. I started reading one but then I got distracted.

(We laugh at each other.)

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