April 22nd, 2004

Sea dragon

Catching up on last year

I was going through my blog a few nights ago to figure out just how different my life is right now from what it is a year ago. I found this entry, written exactly a year ago today, that I think captures the feel of Seattle in the springtime just perfectly. One thing that has certainly changed ... I am not writing as well as I used to. Maybe I'm not as inspired, thanks to the need to take motorized transportation to work. I do get to spend time getting moony looking at the lake, or Mount Rainier, or thunderheads in the sky, but I don't get to enjoy the smells as much as I used to.

I'm convinced a lot of other things have changed, but just reading my blog didn't prove it true, other than the fact I'm not getting out to karaoke as much. That's probably not much of a loss, but it would be fun to do it more. I'm certainly getting more gaming time in, but I seem a little behind in the movie watching. I'm also a lot more excited about my job despite the fact that the commute isn't as much fun.

I'd ramble on more, but I do really need to get back to work ... LJ has distracted me enough for an afternoon (thanks to hipstomp's completely hysterical recounting of his recent camping trip).
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