April 26th, 2004

Sea dragon

Concert, movie, play, movie, and then suddenly it's Friday

The week is booked up in what I would call a very good way, unless you're a neat freak and you happen to have noticed that my house isn't particularly clean. Here's my schedule:
Today: Kraftwerk at the Paramount
Tuesday: Balanchine on Film at Pacific Northwest Ballet, to satisfy my curiosity about how "Mr. B." really wanted his dances performed. And I'm very excited to get to see Tanaquil LeClercq dance "La Valse!"
Wednesday: "How to Be Cool" at the Union Garage. It's a fundraiser (they desperately need money so they can put a fire escape into their currently closed larger stage ... how more worthy does it get?), and it features monkeys, so I have to go.
Thursday: just realized this morning that the Grand Illusion is showing Dersu Uzala, one of the few Kurosawa movies I haven't yet seen. And since it's only running one week, this is my only chance to see it.

Whew! I'm going to be worn out by the time Friday arrives ...
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Sea dragon

2 1/2 hours on my feet at the concert has left me sore

Geeky image #1 from the Kraftwerk show:

Seeing a cellphone taking a picture that shows the guy in front's cellphone taking a picture of the picture behind the performers. (Geez, can't experience anything unmediated, can you?)


During the extremely extended break before the We Are the Robots set (encore 2), the audience collectively opened up their cellphones and started waving them in the air like lighters.

God save Seattle.
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