May 8th, 2004

Sea dragon

Saturday, Megan and work

I'm off to get my hair done, then it's a quick run to get shadowdaddy, lunch at Udupi Palace, and then four hours of work. Tonight is the Hesperion XX concert - I'm really looking forward to seeing it. Who would have thought Dead Can Dance would lead me down this path?

Flamingo Bar last night was disappointing. While the puppets were beautiful and the puppet work was technically quite good (very advanced compared to most US puppetry), the whole thing just felt stale - like he'd done it so many times he was just going through the paces. Who knows, maybe he was jetlagged. At any rate, I was completely checked out for almost the entire performance and thought about work and my friends instead of the show. But with a full 200 seat house, I'm sure the performance must have looked like a success to all involved.
Sea dragon

Iris - plan modification due to exhaustion

Iris japonica, from my back yard. Looks a little bit like a butterfly, doesn't it?

I was at the hairdresser too late and since I was absolutely exhausted I decided against going to work (although not against going out for masala dosa for lunch). I'm looking smashing, though, all shiny raven tresses and big glops of red hair dye drying on the freshly bleached bits. Go Goth girl, go! (Hah.) I'll head in tomorrow after we do some kayaking ... I've got to get all of my work wrapped up for this damned project by Thursday evening, as we are going out of town for a three day weekend. And I am damned desperate for a vacation. My plan is late nights all week, and I figured it was better to be rested up for one day after the way the last week ate my soul out of my body.

Buy a kayak for this summer or take a four day kayaking vacation off the Vancouver Coast: what would you vote for? Our tax refund is coming and it could pay for one or the other, but not both.