May 17th, 2004

Sea dragon

A picture of something beautiful

This might choke up your friends list so I'm putting it behind a cut tag. This is some variety of sedum I found growing on the south shore of Orcas Island, near Obstruction Pass State Park. Collapse )

Now back to my regularly scheduled work overload ...
Sea dragon

Workie latie, gamie longie

Got some good PR time in tonight (see seattle_rico for details). Had a lot to drink EEP! Still disappointed by the way one day at work undid three days of relaxation. Still planning on skipping out of stupid movie Troy tomorrow. If you know any reason I should go (and I hate Brad Pitt so that one's right out), speak up now or look in wonder as I avoid the peer pressure provided by 150 of my coworkers and head home early tomorrow after a paid lunch.
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