May 25th, 2004

Sea dragon


I went to Pilates class tonight, remembering that "how men deal with stress" (per the New York Times article) is to do some physical activity that makes them stop thinking. Pilates is perfect for this, as I'm so focused on what I'm doing with my body that apparently I overwhelm my poor brain's little processors and wind up devoting all of my attention to lowering that tiny lump of skin that always bunches up right below my sternum, or (today) trying my damnedest not to cramp up my hamstring while doing a particularly difficult exercise involving pushing (and pulling) a towel across the floor with my toes while in a push-up position.

I also had a nice (and long) conversation with scarlettina tonight after I got home. So over all I feel better ... thank goodness. Now if I could only go to pilates every night of the week ...