May 26th, 2004

Sea dragon

Almost a real conversation

One of my coworkers brought in Swedish Fish to work today, which led to (most of) this conversation ...

CW: Yeah, old people tend to like them.
Me: My mom used to buy them for me at the Sears candy counter.
Other CW: Sears used to have a candy counter?
Me: Well, they did around 1974. I was living in Arizona at the time. We'd ride our horses up to the store and hitch them outside.
OCW: Really?
Me: No. But there did used to be a candy counter inside Sears.

Also, I saw in an article in the Seattle Times that your fat makes you hungrier. Seriously! It's like living with Seymour from the "Little Shop of Horrors" imbedded under your skin. I'll have to remember that any time I'm feeling snacky that I'm starving the monster by saying no.
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Sea dragon

I love dishes

Tonight after an early dinner at Maneki, shadowdaddy dropped me off at home so he could get the sealer for the new tile in the kitchen. This left me free ... to go into the kitchen after almost a week of exile (and put me under a schedule to get things done in there quickly, before he returned). It's the time of year in Seattle when the sun is up until a ridiculous hour (it's just setting right now), and being in the kitchen just felt so ... homey. Crazy given that it was still overcast outside and so wasn't particularly bright inside, but standing in front of the sink made me feel happy. I found looking out the window at my garden while I finally got to wash some dishes was a meditative ecstasy of sorts. The drops of water were hanging off of the branches of the maple tree in front of me, and to my left the plum tree was pushing its ripening fruit practically in my face. Such a hussy! The rose in the back yard was bending under the weight of its sodden blossoms, and a few scattered leaves were laying on the patio furniture that had been shoved aside during last Sunday's mowing. It was all very nice ... I almost starting singing songs from Chicago at the pleasure of it all.
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