May 27th, 2004

Sea dragon

This is a test ... but it may become an entry

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Yes, it's Elves on Orcas ... Orcas Island, that is!

At any rate, it's raining so hard today that I actually wore a NEW pair of waterproof boots, ones that I bought about two months ago thinking I wouldn't get to wear them until October or so (but you know, it was an end-of-season sale so the price was right, and you ALWAYS need waterproof shoes when you live in Seattle). But today, as I pulled out my clothes to wear to work, I thought, hey, I could USE those boots today - and they're on. The rain just keeps falling, too ... so funny to think that only three days ago I was laughing at Henry Darger's 15 year rant at the inaccuracy of weathermen. They got this right - whoever it was that said on Tuesday that this spell of rain was going to be a soaker hit it right on the nose.
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Sea dragon

OK, more on the kitchen

Update! Now with extra added old floor picture!

If you've been to my house, perhaps you'll understand what an incredible improvement it is to have this pretty new kitchen floor to look at over the old, peeling, burnt stuff that I used to have to face when I looked in the door of this room. Is it motivation enough to want to do dishes? Perhaps not, but I swear the whole room has a whole different air to it now. I bet it will look even better tonight when the fridge and stove get put back in there - well, okay, maybe it won't look better but the living room sure the heck will. Collapse )

Oh yes, and I found a Battle Royale quiz ... Collapse )
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