May 28th, 2004

Sea dragon

Yipee ki-yi boo hoo lonely little me

I took my time getting into work today so that I could spend as much time possible with shadowdaddy before he heads to Singapore. I can't remember the last time he's been away from me for so long. The only really good thing I can say about not being around each other is that it will give him new stories to tell me when he gets home. This is probably going to be a hard one for me. I'm in a really different situation than I was this time last year and don't really have the resources I can tap to keep me from withering like I do when I'm not around other people. And, sadly, everyone I was thinking might be able to hang out with me this weekend (brother, Puerto Rico pals) is On Vacation. The nerve!

CircusFortuneTellerSm (5k image)As things stand, I've got the next thirty-six hours booked up pretty well. Tonight I'm going to usher for Circus Contraption - not sure what I'll do afterwards, probably just go home. Saturday I am apparently going thrift shopping in Everett with my beloved boss lady and some of her friends, then heading back to Seattle in time for the 3:45 showing of Goddess at the Egyptian (Chinese movies from the silent era ... I didn't even realize such exotic creatures existed)! Then I plan on driving all the way back up to Mill Creek and gaming my way into a coma at the Seattle Cosmic Game Night. I'll be taking a newly-single friend of mine with me, someone I thought could use some distractions - like myself.

That leaves Sunday and Monday (a holiday in the states). I'm hoping to see a friend who lives on the other side of Puget Sound, but I haven't quite worked out the details yet. We're talking important stuff like Can I Spend the Night and What About the Dog (even though poodles are hypoallergenic this hasn't done much to encourage people to let me bring him with me when I visit them - which puts a big crimp in my plans as we have no yard). I was also thinking about kayaking (from Port Townsend, if the weather is good) and had asked one of my office pals to come with me, but after expressing interest he's barely even waved hello to me for the last three days. So really, I have no idea what I'll be doing, although I am planning on wrapping things up at The Mirabeau Room (formerly Sorry Charlie's) Monday evening, singing songs from Chicago and Cabaret with my friend scarlettina. I guess we'll just see how things shake out. I have one loose invite for a movie next week and otherwise The World Is My Oyster. And with that, I'll clam up until the end of the day.
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Sea dragon

Circus Contraption was better than ever

I had a great time tonight at Circus Contraption. Collapse ) Ushering did, unfortunately, make me sit a little too close to the stage (that's where our seats were). But the performance was so fun ... they had, of course, aerialists working with ropes and curtains; jugglers; balancing acts; and the Circus Contraption band. About the band: seeing a girl who not only sings like a crazed gypsy but also plays the trumpet ... in garters ... while spinning around on giant wheel ... really gives me hope for the American stage. They also threw in tap dancing, with four scantily clad trollops tapping away (it about killed me) while hula-hooping, or juggling, or what have you.

What I was really pleased about was how inventive the show was. What do you do to keep a sort of standard circus routine fun to watch? You make a new story to go with it. So for the balancing act, it was a bunch of red-suited devils torturing a drunk man (a la "The Drunkards' Nightmare"), including waggling their tongues at him while turning somersaults in tandem; for one of the rope acts, it was a girl who liked a boy trying to follow him up into the trapeze (and getting "dropped"). And how could they do a flamingo for the stilts act? It was so right, and so funny, and so ... pretty. Aaaah. I really think I have to go again. Collapse )

As a summary, how good was this show? It was so good that I didn't even for a second think about writing about it on LJ - I was too busy watching. Now that's good.
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