September 6th, 2004


Punk is so dead mutherf***er!

Lasht night I went to the Vogue for fetish night, and while Minishtry's "Sho What" wash playing, some losher who's shtuck in 1983 shlammed into my fashe with his shoulder, cutting my lip open on my teeth. On the very limited good shide of things, it should be shaid that in right pwofile I now look like Angelina Jolie. Earlier I had been aggravated about having shome girl burn me with her shigarette, but that now sheems like a minor inconviensh.

Ignoring this, our night out with m_cobweb and her charming husband darkmane was very enjoyable - movie ("Hero," again!), dinner (Indian!), and dancing, more stuff than I've done with other people than I can remember in a long time. After dinner, I told m_cobweb that I had decided that I want to be Flying Snow for Halloween, then got kind of excited when they both liked my idea of all going as characters from the movie. It's not like we don't have enough long haired men to really get the look going! I'll have to get to work on assembling my costume soon ...