September 8th, 2004

disco ball

City living suits me fine

My wasted day at work (only one bug) seemed somehow redeemed when shadowdaddy and I decided to walk (ooh boy, like we were in Europe or something!) to Chinatown for dinner, a decision that cost us all of twenty minutes and was incredibly pleasant. The sun was just setting as we headed down the stairs, and the sky looked like Arizona ... beautiful scalloped orange wavelets filling the southern horizon just over the curve of the downtown skyscrapers. Aaaaahhhhhhh!

It was a pleasure to dine with jadine and vulture23, as I expected. vulture23 reminded me about getting the ciphergoth tour of Slimelight when he went last year, and I recalled thinking at the time he told me about it (the first night we met, at dycynic's party) that ciphergoth couldn't possibly be as nice as vulture23 described him (a little embarassing to be so stunningly wrong). They're off to Victoria to see the Egypt show this weekend, and I must admit I'm a little jealous. jadine says she'll go with me to Manchester next August, though - it would be fun to go with someone from Seattle.

Back on the home front, Pippin got a good smack in the nose from Boo, hard enough to take off some skin. Boo's getting a very relaxing evening for her hard work, and Pippin, in her absence, appears to have rediscovered the human members of the household. He's kind of quieting down in general, now, turning into a cat instead of a kitten. I'm kind of thinking I should have named him Lynx (due to his points) or Apollo (I think he's got a sun god aura to him), but, well, he doesn't care, and he comes running when I call his name, so it's set.

Finally ... the housecleaning is wreaking its punishment upon us, as I search desperately for the gift certificate dagmar_b gave us for Christmas, my copy of "Absalom, Absalom" (I am never going to get two Faulkners in before the end of the year at this rate!), and shadowdaddy looks for the plug for the scanner. They've all been carefully put away ... somewhere.
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