September 10th, 2004

disco ball

The Persian tornado

Him: Did you stick a bag on the cat's head?
Me: (Coming to look at cat, now with extra added plastic bag) No, she must have stuck her head through the handle.
Him: I wonder how that happened.
Me: (Walking back to kitchen) Well, she's got a very small brain, you know.
Cat: (Suddenly explodes, making one entire lap around the main floor and then up the stairs at a speed that could have beat the Millenium Falcon on the Kessel run)
Him: Boy, and she could have gone faster without that parachute holding her back.
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Plans for the weekend - art, play, movie

Just got back from a belated birthday lunch with dj_cynic. MMmm, Thai food! That makes three days in a row for me and yet I feel like I haven't had enough yet.

Tonight shadowdaddy and I are going to Roq la Rue to see the Ray Caesar and Amy Hill show. The art is pretty cool, but kind of freaky: check out the insane kitten, or the shot I used to make my new icon. BRRRRscary. I'm hoping to catch up with ookla, fruity_goodness and butterbee (our first face to face meeting!), and with any luck we'll see _onnie_ at the "Back to School" art show at the WingNut gallery (very bad very nice artwork from show here). I admit, most of my interest in going there centers around dressing up like a schoolgirl for the show ... and why not!

Tomorrow: hair appointment at 9:30 (ouch!), possible kayaking trip or voyage to Tacoma Art Museum in the afternoon (depending on the weather), then Tom Stoppard's Jumpers at A.C.T. that night - hoping we can get half priced tickets, of course.

Sunday ... SeaGoth Girls trip to "Vanity Fair" at the Pacific Place. It should be fun to get dressed all fant-sy for a dress-up movie! The evening ... who knows, but I smell a strategy board gaming session in my future ...