September 12th, 2004

Sea dragon

Flexibility, thy name is me. Well, except for my back.

I'm feeling under pressure to be brilliant at work. I don't think I accomplished enough this week (partially due to CrackJournal, but really, it all comes down to lack of discipline, and wasting too much f*ing time doing, or waiting to do, BVTs), so I'm going in tomorrow (well, later today really), and I'm skipping seeing a movie tomorrow afternoon. I just can't relax enough to do it. My career for the next six months basically entirely hangs on how I do THIS month, so I need to do great stuff, and that requires more time than I've got right now if I stick to "normal" hours. Bah.

Er, today was quite fun. We made it to the Tacoma Art Museum for the Andy Goldsworthy show. I really like his art as depicted in "Rivers and Tides," but I found the photographs dull and can't understand why they'd bother putting on an exhibit of stuff he did in 1987. Mostly we really were looking for an excuse to check out the new building, which was designed by Antoine Predock, the same guy who did the arts building at Arizona State University that I spent so much time in (the art museum and the theater program were both housed there). The space was designed well but seemed small, although we both loved the crazy "crashing waves of granite" sculpture in the center of the building (see image).

We also very much enjoyed our pre-museum trip to the Southern Kitchen, home of the cuisine that knows no Atkins. I had the batter baked chicken, which came covered with gravy and sitting on cornmeal dressing, with sides of macaroni and cheese, collard greens, and mashed potatoes. shadowdaddy was the soul of restraint with his catfish sandwich (one side only, candied yams). The incredible wrongness of this food given current dietary trends actually gave me a chuckle as my plate arrived and I considered just how many of the things on my plate would be forbidden to a person seeking to avoid carbs. Of course, it was all delicious. Going there has become a tradition whenever we go to Tacoma, and it does pretty much ensure that no matter what we do we can say on our return that we have had a good time.

On the way back I read The Stranger's review of the current play at ACT, Tom Stoppard's Jumpers, and it killed my interest in the play ... not because it sounded like a bad production but because listening to actors spout bad philosophy on stage is what ruined Arcadia for me. So we decided instead to see PINKK at On The Boards, which The Stranger described as "a creepy, frenzied investigation of voyeurism" (really, how could we not go?), and then catch closing night of "Red Eye," Bret Fetzer's new play about air travel (set in an airplane, the cast is seated amongst the audience). PINKK was not as voyeuristic as I had hoped, although I did enjoy interacting with the cast members (I painted one girl's toes and told quite a juicy secret to one of the actors - who I accused of lying when he told me his. I was, of course, right). I also caught all of the second half reclined on a couch ... quite indulgent! Red Eye was also a good time. The airplane trope was quite original, and I had no problems hearing actors seated rows ahead of me. I also liked the insertion of random surreal moments in the play. All in all, a good night, and I'm sure that having only one actual weekend day this weekend will not prove to be not enough when Monday rolls around. Maybe we'll see a movie tomorrow night, after I'm through with work.

Oh, NOOO! How will I ever sing his new material NOW?

I just saw on Yahoo news that Fred Ebb, the fantastic lyricist half of Kander and Ebb (Cabaret and Chicago, the best musicals of the post-1965 era), has DIED!!! NOOOOO!!! He was working on new stuff and I was looking forward to singing it and hearing it sung! (Sniff.)

This just kind of confirms me in my desire to go to sing with Howard Bulson at the Mirabeau room tonight. It starts at 9:30 PM ... anyone wanna come with? I'm going to break in "Whatever Lola Wants," one of the Songs Sung by Evil Women that I want to add to my repetoire ...

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