September 18th, 2004

Sea dragon

A Saturday booked from top to bottom

Life is too short to do everything I'm doing today. Maybe I can clone myself.

1. Shower. (Bleah. This is so necessary.)
2. Walk? (It's raining but I would like to see what passes for the sun for a bit today.)
3. Class, 2 PM to 6PM, with butterbee. Yay, fun!
4. Party at coworkers'.
5. Possible trip to COCA to see Flatchestedmama marry her art (well, "declare her commitment to her creative self").
6. Play Puerto Rico at Cathy's until my eyes pop out.
7. Er, maybe go to the Vogue? Looks unlikely after getting this list typed up, but it looks like geekygoth and miss_bordeaux will be there, and I am actively trying to expand my social circle ...

Tomorrow I'm going in to work, no pressure at all, just that I have a hard deadline of October first and what they did to Jesus will look nice compared to what will happen to me if I don't get this project finished on time. I'll stay late Monday and Tuesday night, too, in hopes of getting this damned thing on track.
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