September 21st, 2004

Sea dragon

Reflection (work avoidance)

I realized today that I'm actually spending a lot of my time (the part where I go, "I don't understand, why didn't I get anything done today?") helping other people understand the product I'm working on. It's kind of cool, actually: I've been here long enough that people look at me as a source of knowledge. (Pats self on back.) So even though it's driving me crazy to keep getting these phone calls and personal visits, it's kind of nice to feel that after a year here I've kind of made myself ever so slightly useful.

On the other hand, all the other testers are apparently in the middle of hell week, too, so it's not just me feeling the squeeze.

Thanks to shadowdaddy for 15 minutes of stump removal in the boulder-filled wasteland located between my shoulderblades. It kind of makes me feel like a wrestler getting pumped up between rounds. "Back at 'em, champ!"
Sea dragon

That was my brain you heard popping

8:30 PM and I'm home, really wiped. We picked up a copy of that silly Rowan Atkinson spy movie that came out last year, which may prove either intellectually overstimulating given my current state, or dumb enough to be 100% tolerable. I'm whipping up some Red Pesto Farfalle while shadowdaddy sets up the TV (haven't watched it in about two months). I found three bugs after 5 PM, so something is going right.