September 25th, 2004

Sea dragon

How do they come up with those prices anyway?

Today will be mad crazy, starting with a trip to City Kitchens, then iris shopping (quick!) with my sister in law (with a vegetarian Indian food lunch, since we'll be right there), then lasagne ingredient buying, lasagne ingredient baking, and presentation of the lasagne at ookla and fruity_goodness's wedding, at which shadowdaddy will be officiating. Whew ... I may do SOMETHING else tonight, but I'm guessing "breathing" will be about it.
Sea dragon

Cooking goddess: chaotic good or chaotic evil?

I have two pounds of lasagne noodles boiling right now, and a sudden relevation hit me.

Me: Do I become a diva when I'm cooking?
Him: (silence)
Me: Are you not answering because you're afraid of offending the diva?

Yep. Tempermental cooking diva.

Now back to the kitchen - I've got some steam burns to earn!
Sea dragon

Tearducts leaking blood

My eyeballs were flayed tonight by Ghost in the Shell II: Innocence, which was playing at the Varsity. What is the visual equivalent of wall of sound? There was more data being output than I could absorb. Philosophy, printed language, literary references, all running through a feast of generated images that were a direct descendant of Blade Runner and The Matrix (with Akira flashbacks). Like most good cyberpunk (The Golden Globe, Pattern Recognition, and American Gods), this was, at its heart, a mystery. It was also in every way superior to its predecessor - better plot, better characters, better animation. I am only unsure as to whether the grand existential question at II's heart is better or worse ... because I was so lost in what I could see that I was, at times, unable to follow what it was saying (I blame the subtitles).

Er ... yeah. So the wedding went well, we made it there on time and I had all the lasagne baked as planned. I'm not enamored of it, but I've got a whole pan left over so I suppose I'd better get used to it. It was really nice to go to a simple wedding (25 folks in fruity_goodness's house), one that rejected the wedding industry and its ridiculous ideas about how to go about celebrating this kind of event. Instead, it was a small gathering of family and friends, with the bride in a lovely dress and the groom in a handsome suit, with candles and flowers and visiting and lots of wine. And the cake was very yummy, and it's always nice when two people you like can see how good they are for each other as well as you can. Many happy returns!

For tomorrow ... kayaking? Butoh performance? Hanging out with butterbee? The options are endless, though I think what I need to do is wash dishes and fold laundry at some point.
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