September 27th, 2004

Sea dragon

Holy cow, where did the time go today?

(As I wolf down my four star Thai green curry leftovers)

There is going to be a time when I can sit down and do a proper update about my kayak trip yesterday, but this is not the time. Still working on BVTs 4 hours after RTT ...

We're going to see Basic Instinct as re-enacted by the Brown Derby comedian tonight. I'm sure Nick Garrison will be appearing in drag in the Sharon Stone role. Will you meet us there? It's one of the best nights for drinking in town. Be there at 7:30, the shows sell out ...
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Sea dragon

I'm fried, leading to a radical rethinking of the evening

It took us eight hours to get through build acceptance today. That means eight hours during which I made no progress at all on the stuff that I'm "really" supposed to be doing - no bug regression, no testing of the code that was rewritten at the end of the week.

The result of all of this sitting and staring (and cursing) at the computer screen is that my eyeballs are all burnt out, and for some reason I think the idea of cleaning the house before Worthy Opponent's uncle arrives from Hawaii tonight (we found out on Saturday that he is coming) would be a good idea. So we will have a quiet evening at home, and I will wash dishes and fold laundry and read ... well, after I have the nice little lady at the Chinese restaurant (the Old Szechuan) make us a yummy dinner. I'll get my order together for my tulips ... and finally make some progress on the list of things to do.

Aaaaaaah. I feel my stress level going down already. (Oh yeah, and this article in the New York Times about the crazy voter registration drives they've got going in swing states is very much helping my mood.)
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