October 2nd, 2004


The cats are acting up. I relaxed tonight.

Pippin has for some reason decided that suckling on Shadow (male, poodle) is a good idea. I wake up in the middle of the night and I can hear him in Shadow's basket going smirch smirch smirch. Meanwhile, Boo caught another mouse today. She's a fat little Persian, seemingly the height of feline uselessness (other than keeping my back warm at night), but she's a great hunter. The big question, of course, is did she find it inside or out? She seemed content to just scare this one to death, to my relief.

We took a nice walk on Golden Gardens today in the early afternoon to try to work out some of my anger from earlier in the day. I figured being next to the ocean would relax me, and it was nice, though I was wishing for a longer stretch of beach to walk on (should have gone to Discovery Park). After a disco nap at home, I felt refreshed enough to go to my brother and sister in law's to hang out. We brought over leftover lasagne from the wedding (wiping it out completely, yay), and they broke out their copy of Tigris and Euphrates. I hadn't played it long enough that I'd forgotten most of the rules and the strategy, and, yes again, by the end of the game I'd had my butt most righteously kicked. We'll have to try it again before another six months have passed. I came home with a copy of a Rudy Rucker book I'd bought Chris for Christmas, so now I've got a 400th book on my stack, in addition to my Japanese homework. Time to memorize the hiragana!

Tomorrow is lightly planned during the day (planting my irises is my number one priority), and the evening is Girls Night In, starring a video of "Sweeney Todd." I hope scarlettina bakes up some delightful meat pies for dinner ... I suspect I'll be very hungry before this show's over!