October 4th, 2004

disco ball

I think I finally have a schedule that works

Although I was initially hoping to take advantage of Thanksgiving and get two free vacation days, I think I will now be going back to London the weekend of November 12th. This gives me the advantage of a holiday from my Japanese class on the 11th and the ability to (hopefully) accomodate all schedules (Whitby, code release, wedding in Ohio, etc.) and be back for my class Tuesday evening November 16th. YAAAY! If I can get my okays from ergotia and Big Boss Man I'll be buying the tickets very very soon.

PS: Will never trust meat pie again after seeing "Sweeney."
PPS: shadowdaddy and I will probably be heading back together around Christmas time for a stay through New Year's, but we don't need to confirm that schedule with anyone other than the tout who I'm hoping will provide our tickets to Part 1 of "His Dark Materials." There's lots of other shows to see, too, such as "Festen" and "Hecuba" (at the Donmar!) ... like a giant candy store!
PPPS: Have just counted and I am short at least three movies from where I should be to be averaging a movie a week! Admittedly the December push to hit 52 was really fun this year but if I get too far behind (more than 4) it probably just won't happen ...