October 8th, 2004

Sea dragon

It's almost time to rage against the dying of the light

I woke up this morning to find a cup of water puddled in the bag surrounding our newspaper. It's the kind of miserable gray outside that, combined with the shortening days, serves to remind me of the joy I have to look forward to for the next five months, and then, after a week of sunshine, the three months after. At the office, the spray of drops on the windows makes it look like I'm in a fishtank.

Yes, I am feeling melancholy today. I think work is wearing me down this week. I may be making it out of the tunnel (the one I saw "the light at the end of"), but I'm doing it on my knees instead of with a marching band.

I need to spend a day or two sleeping.

I'm blue today

Make me laugh. Give me a pick me up. shadowdaddy (most recent post) and runningnekkid (comments to her most recent post) already have made a contribution. Now, like the DNC and NPR, I'm waiting for you.

I'll do my usual "focus on the future" thing, which right now is There Will Be Cider At 7 PM, Dammit, All the Rain in Seattle Can't Take This Pleasure Away From Me. (Provided the keg got delivered Monday like they said it would be.) And I want to see butterbee, the best candidate for Best Friend I've seen in four years, before she leaves for Canada, after the play tonight.

I can make things happen. But still, "Penny for the Guy?"
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