October 9th, 2004

disco ball

I am apparently a promiscuous gamer

As I walked away from the Game Con today I couldn't figure out whether to be proud or ashamed of myself. I'd played almost non-stop from 10 AM until 6:30, with just a brief break to get a sandwich and caffeine (and a second break just for caffeine, and a little breather where I was putting together these damn cute little boats while waiting for someone else to come back to the game table). I taught four games in a row (well, technically five as I was simultaneously doing Carcasonne and Hunters and Gatherers), participating in three of them, and fit in two rounds of Ticket to Ride to boot. I won Attika against three complete sharks who were not paying a bit of attention to me, and somehow I wound up spending about $80 buying new games.

I am also excessively pleased to say that I may have actually made some friends today. corvuscrx and butterflake, who I met at gkr's Fourth of July party, played almost every game with me this afternoon, and turned out to be excellent gamers and extemely good company. Their friend poh was also fun, and did great imitations of George Bush's flubs all day long. So while I may have gamed too much and might have spent too much, overall I am feeling very pleased with how my day went.

It's almost a shame I'm only half-way done ... off to the concert with me in the next few minutes, and then it's time to see shadowdaddy at Gothique! Pleasantly enough the gaming crewe from today will also be there: I am very pleased!
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