October 13th, 2004

Sea dragon

It's my one year anniversary at Tripadelic

Anyone who knows me probably knows where I work. I call my employer "Tripadelic" when I'm trying to be vague. Anyway, today is my one year anniversary here. After six years of dot bombs, I've finally found a company too big and too well organized for me to kill. You can't imagine how exciting it's been to go month after month without being laid off or watching my coworkers shoved off the plank as I wondered when I'd be next! There were lots of jokes about me carrying my curse with me but I appear to have sloughed it off.

And ... it looks like I'm being taken out to lunch by my supervisor to celebrate. Yay! (And Yum!)

Um ... and have I said lately that life is generally very good? There you go. Life is good. I feel like I'm pulling out of that "nobody likes me" feeling I had last year. LJ has helped, hysterically enough (I mean, come on, just because you have a "friends" list doesn't mean you have actual friends - it's just a list of stuff you like to read, right?). Thanks to all of you for helping me feel like I'm part of a community.
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