October 17th, 2004

Sea dragon

Saturday night's alright for slacking

Net upshot of the day: found a pair of pants to wear to the gym as well as some ballroom dancing shoes at the Bellevue Goodwill (no new coat, alas). Delivered tulip bulbs to friends, got three packages off to the post office that have been waiting to be mailed for at least two weeks. Started my packing list for London (new boots: in). Played a 6 person game of Catan that took three hours (the bricks were all 2s, 3s, or 11s, if that means anything to you) and caused us to miss the movie, which I was too tired to go see anyway. Got home at 11:30 and immediately felt sorry about missing meeting miss_bordeaux at Noc Noc. Read the New Yorker for half an hour, The Stranger for fifteen minutes, and am now convinced that I want to see two movies next week instead of just one (Goodbye Dragon Inn at the Grand Illusion and Primer at the Varsity - how am I ever going to have the time?).

I am SO not a party animal.
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