October 18th, 2004

Sea dragon

Morpheus, Interests

I was up too late last night, and wound up hitting the sack about an hour after I should have (I figure there was a fatal combination of bubble-tea caffeine and gaming excitement to blame for this, but I was more awake at 11 PM than I was yesterday at 11 AM - or 2 PM, or 4 PM). The Sandman was kind to me, though, and left me hanging for not very long; however, he withdrew his blessings promptly at first bell instead of second, so I lost another 20 minutes of sleep this AM. This should make for an interesting, ass-dragging kind of day at work. Yuck.

My attempts to tailor my interests list to NOT reflect common choices has apparently paid off in spades ...Collapse )

I think I'd rather play games than carve pumpkins

I've been invited to (another) pumpkin carving party this Saturday (October 23rd), but I'm thinking that perhaps I should host a game party instead, since my house needs cleaning and we've got a lot of beer lying around. However, I'm trying to judge interest, and so I've created a poll.

Poll #368540 Game party on Saturday?

If I have a game party this Saturday, would you come?

This radio button is for non-Seattleites, so they can feel included

If "yes," should costumes be required?

Costumes, yay!
Costumes, nay!
You can require it all you want, I'm not wearing one.
Sea dragon

Schedule for the week

There have been some updates since last night, but this is how it's looking for the week: tonight, Pilates with shadowdaddy at the Pilates studio on 12th Avenue at 7; Tuesday, Japanese class, then dinner at the Old Szechuan; Wednesday, Tsai Ming-Liang's Goodbye Dragon Inn at the Grand Illusion; Thursday, Japanese class and hopefully nothing afterwards (but maybe a movie at the Varsity, we'll see how I'm feeling and if Primer will be showing any more after Thursday); Friday, the Lovecraft Triptych of plays at Open Circle; Saturday, who knows (the game party looks like a no-go, and we are invited to a pumpkin carving party that night - but we'll see how things shake down); Sunday, likely games in the evening. Whew, huh? We'll see if I can actually do all of this, since all I want to do right now is fall asleep in front of my computer.
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