October 21st, 2004


Japanese class, lessons in humility and drinking

I discovered today that I'm not just about the oldest person in my Japanese class, I am taking the class with people who may not have been born when I started college. Yes, there are high school kids in my Japanese class. It's kind of a relief to discover that the reason they look so f'ing young is because, in fact, they are. One of the girls I sit near is whip-smart, and when our teacher broke us into threesomes to do intensive drills, I chose to work with her, in part because of her pleasant attitude. It is actually a little hard to believe she's so young. Where's the angst? Where's the paralyzing self-analysis? Instead, she's happy and just a little alternative (wears a hanky on her head and has hair below her waist) and is a big anime fan. She and I and this other guy spent the evening practicing saying, "I live in Seattle," "I am majoring in Computer Science," and "I speak Japanese" (even though it was only true for one of us). The girl also teased the guy about being an in-bred, home-schooled geek while I mostly sat back and watched. I've got a re-take of the test on Tuesday, then the second actual test on Thursday. Time to get studying!

Tonight I went out with m_cobweb. The bar of choice was The Chapel, a converted funeral home on the lower end of Pine. The martini I had was extra juicy and worth seconds, and the company was most pleasant - it had been months since we had a just-us evening and we had a lot to talk about.

I'm anticipating a late arrival to work tomorrow - now that my pal Faheem is back, I don't need to be running the show all the time, and I can maybe see about getting eight hours of sleep once this week, then maybe just having a shortish day and spending my afternoon lazing around with shadowdaddy - after we gorge ourselves on an Indian food brunch. YuuuummmmMMMMmm!