October 25th, 2004

Sea dragon

This just in from NPR

Chief Justice William Rheinquist in the hospital with thyroid cancer.

I'll avoid editorializing as it makes me look like a bad and evil person, but you all know what this means.
Sea dragon

Plans for the week - Charlie Chaplin Movies, Dracula Ballet, and more!

What I'm up to this week. Assume work daily. Please consider yourself invited if you see something you want to do (Pilates and Japanese class excluded, unless you want to take my test for me!).

Tonight (Monday): Pilates at 7 PM, then study for Japanese re-test (had a stress dream about this last night) (UPDATE: Have been alerted (see lady3) about Moonday but think it conflicts with my 8AM C# class and overall need for stress reduction)
Tuesday: Japanese re-test, then 9 PM Charlie Chaplin's Modern Times at the Grand Illusion</i> - free for members!
Wednesday: maybe games (Goa?) with
corvuscrx and butterflake - but there will be more studying for ...
Thursday: Japanese test number two of the week! Oh, help!
Friday: Circus Contraption's Halloween Blowout, featuring side shows, aerial performances, and the world's largest all-zombie re-enactment of the dance scene from "Thriller." Afterwards, I'll stumble across the street to my neighbors' drunken Halloween blowout - he's been decorating for two weeks AND there will be three DJs, so it should be one for the books.
Saturday: Dracula the Ballet! Come on, it's Dracula, it's a ballet, plus it's in TACOMA! I'm planning on seeing the 2 PM show and having lunch at the Southern Kitchen beforehand, because NOTHING says scary vampyres! to me like catfish and collard greens! UPDATE Never mind, it's been cancelled. Poo.
(Saturday night is TBA depending on shadowdaddy's schedule, as he's lighting a show and will be busy 'til late - UPDATE - mostly likely going to the 7 PM Spankers show, then maybe some other party.)
Sunday: Halloween at The Vogue (as I've been invited by two different people now) - should be fun! UPDATE: will also be attending the Annex Theater Ghosty event with scarlettina from 6-8 or so, also. Jesus, do I have enough to do?
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