November 26th, 2004


On the first day of Christmas, I went and bought for me ...

Fresh back from seeing Sky Captain Lovelypants with butterbee and shadowdaddy at the Crest, and I think we're very shortly going to be breaking in one of the two games I bought at Gary's while we were out. I'm extra excited because Ticket to Ride came with an expansion pack (I tried to get an extra copy but they only had one for each of the two copies of the game they had in stock: can't wait to see what's inside it!). Chrononauts might be played too, but I'm not sure which will be best as I haven't gamed with The Bee before.

At any rate, Thanksgiving leftovers are going in the oven, the dog is going to the park, and I'm working on making more gravy and extra mashed potatoes while The Bee relaxes on the couch. Woo, post-Thanksgiving slackerage!