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More conversations with Mary

Mary: Okay, well, I need to take a shower before I leave. And get that dirt put in the hole the dog dug near the foundation [editors note: it has filled with water and the ducks were swimming in it this morning]. And get the lamb started.
Me: Okay, well, I'm ready to leave whenever you are.
Mary: I'm not going to be ready to leave before I take a shower.
Me: I know. If you said you were ready to leave now, then I'd be fucked. I only said I'd be ready to leave whenever you were because I knew there was no way that was going to be in the next half an hour.
Mary: Okay, good! Right, I think I need to start with the lamb.

Mary: Are you going to take a shower today?
Me: I think the correct answer to that question is actually "I don't want to take one before we leave."
Mary: Good!
Me: But I will take one later on.

Note: Due to wearing my glasses which are somewhat dirty, I inadvertently poured sugar instead of flour into a frying pan I was trying to make gravy in.

Note: I am so happy here I don't want to go home. :-)
Tags: mary katherine spencer, mississippi
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