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Corinth is where the Confederate wounded (thousands) were sent after the Battle of Shiloh (April 5-6, 1862) as well as another 75,000 troops after the end of the battle. The same number of men died from disease in the 7 weeks after Shiloh (diarrhea and typhoid) at Corinth as died in the battle itself (23,700+ but not sure if they mean Confederate dead only at Shiloh). Corinth was a desirable town strategically as it sat on an important rail crossroads (and still does, but it's not the only game in town anymore thanks to the highways). Corinth was later attacked by Union troops, who occupied it for some two years then burned a lot of it down when they headed to Vicksburg (I think). What with the rise in rifles and heavy artillery and the fact both armies ran over it, Corinth and its environs became the home of radical innovations in trench and fortification strategies; - every soldier had a shovel.

Sitting in the Shiloh part of the interpretive center, I'm listening to a voiceover talk of the incredible acts of courage during that battle and wondering about the unmentioned incredible act of cruelty of all of this slaughter, individually and as a body of military strategy. It doesn't seem to be a concern. Hopefully the Contraband Camp historic site on the outskirts of town will make me feel better about humanity.

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